Tim Glace's Creeper Truck from the Movie Jeepers Creepers

Tim Glace's Creeper Truck from the Movie Jeepers Creepers
Me and the Creeper Truck from JC1

Creeper & Truck

Creeper & Truck
My Creeper Suit and My Creeper Truck

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Creepers Cousin

I bet everyone is wondering just what the heck the Creepers Cousin is about well It started back in July of 2003. I worked at a Sheriff's Department in S.C. well for a fund raiser the Sheriff wanted to do a haunted house well I wanted to get involved so I started thinking of what kind of creature or thing I could become. I didn't want to mess with Freddie or Jason or Michael Miers that just wasn't me and I wanted something really scary. I went to see Jeepers Creepers along time ago and thought that I have never seen any type of costume like that so I thought that Id see how to make one. I started looking on the Internet and couldn't find much. So I watched Jeepers Creepers end credits and saw that there was information on who done the Make up and monster effects. So I went to their web site and got a number for Make up and Monster studios in California. I called and actually talked to Brian Pinakas who worked on Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2. I told him that I worked in law enforcement and that I was looking into finding out a way to become the Creeper. Well he not only made me a Creeper Mask he made me a hat too and told me about a web site that could help me out with a coat.

Well I made my costume and used it Halloween in the haunted house for the Sheriff's Office. One night after I got off from the haunted house I stopped at another out door haunted trail called Nightmare on 901, I talked to the owners and asked if I could put on the Creeper suit and scare some of there customers. They were more than happy to let me. So I terrorized several people that night and was asked by the staff to come back when I could. So I eventually ending up working for them for 4 years. During that time I got in contact with Jonathon Breck who played the Creeper in both movies. I got so much stuff signed by him he gave me a nickname the Creepers Cousin. Because not only did I have a Creeper Suit but I even went all the way out to Colorado to get me a 1941 Chevy COE (cab over engine) other wise known as a creeper truck. I'm still working on it! I went up north and actually found the #2 Truck from the 1st Jeepers Creepers. I befriended the owner and he let me take pictures with the Truck, Movie Props and even gave me a ride in the Truck! I took some picts and measurements so Id have something to go on to build my truck. I couldn't of done it if it wasn't for T.G. Thanks A million!

Here is a 360 degree video that I took of Tim's truck that was used in the 1st Creeper Movie.

Here is a video of the Truck that was used in Jeepers Creepers comming by me blowing the horn.

Here is a video of what its like to ride inside the Truck that was used in JC1! Tim Glace is driving. I hope to have my truck done before the release of JC3!

If you look at the Glove box in this video you will notice that there is some writing on it. The door of the glove box was signed by Victor Silva the Director of Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2 and the door is also signed by Brad Parker who did all of the story boards, creeper designs, creeper truck designs and many more things that were involved in the making of the Creeper Movies. Pretty cool hua!

This is a video of my Creeper Truck Clone that im still working on.

Nightmare on 901

Many people from the South Carolina area know of this out door haunted attraction. It was opened from the late 90,s to 2006. It scared thousands of people and had a huge fan following. The Mitchell Family ran the out door haunt in their back yard / woods / field / everything else that was around so that they would have parking. LOL! It started very small and ended up with thousands of people going through the haunt. Many of the people came to know me and fear me because you had to make it past me to get into the lines to go into the attraction. I am Troy Jackson I played the Creeper From Nightmare on 901. I truly loved to creep around looking for people that were not paying attention to their surroundings. Every one kept saying that I was everywhere and that I keep popping up all around them. The Family that owned Nightmare got tired of dealing with all of the parking issues and all of the problems that they had to deal with in order to run the out door haunted attraction. So 2006 was the last Halloween that they were open. I wanted to still work but I had no Idea where I might go to work. I had my own costume, makeup and I truly know how to play my character The Creeper from the Movie Jeepers Creepers very well. My primary job was Q- line entertainment. Which means that I kept you busy while you waited in line by scaring the crap out of everyone. People would jump and everyone would laugh. When nightmare closed in 2006 I ended up getting a chance to go to the 2007 Transworld Haunted Attraction show. It was awesome I got to see and meet all kinds of people in the Haunted Attraction Industry. I also had a blast getting in my creeper suit and walking around in the crowds. I must of taken pictures with hundreds of people there. It was unbelievable. I even got a chance to meet Hugh

Heffner’s girlfriend Bridget who was there and they were filming Playboy’s Girl’s Next Door reality show. I even got 3 seconds of fame on the show! Pretty cool hua! Any way I also met a guy named Tony Wohlgemuth who owned a Haunted Attraction in High Point NC called Kersey Valley Spooky Woods. He offered me a job working at his Attraction. So the next Halloween I got a chance to work up in High Point at his Place. It was Awesome and it had bigger crowds than Nightmare so that meant more people for me to scare. It is really an Awesome place to work. At Spooky Woods they really put a lot of time and effort in to their attraction. Nightmare did too. But they closed. They have a huge area to work with. Haunted House, tram ride, ghost hunters trail, ghost town, corn maze, spooky woods castle and all of the other attractions that are there. I have made a lot of friends there. Back when I worked at nightmare I started researching the jeepers creepers movies. What kind of truck did the creeper drive who made the movie and who played the creeper in the movie. I got in contact with Brian Pinikas from Make Up and Monster Studios in California. He was the makeup and special effects artist that worked on the movies. He was really awesome to talk to and helped me with the making of creeper suit. He actually took the time to talk to me and that meant the world to me. Another person that Actually took the time to email me was Jonathan Breck he played the creeper in JC1 and JC2 and will be back do to JC3 when ever they get the budget problems fixed. I’ve emailed Mr. Breck several times and he is the one that gave me the nickname the creepers cousin. Everyone that I have had the good fortune to get in contact with that was involved in the movie are really awesome to talk to.

I placed an add into an old car hunter web site looking for a 1941 Chevrolet Cab Over Engine ( Creeper Truck ) two years after the posting I got a call from some one who had a truck that they wanted to part with. I drove all the way to Illinois to get the truck and bring it back. I had several people try to buy the truck off me but it wasn’t for sale. If I wouldn’t sell my creeper costume for $2,500.00 I sure wasn’t going to sell the truck that I just bought for $2,000.00 for any amount of money. I got an offer for $4,000.00 but I really wanted the truck so I kept it and am still working on it now.

I don’t make a lot of money in my line of work so its kind of tuff but hopefully Things will turn around for me. I hope to have the truck ready before the release of JC3. I would like to thank Tim Glace for all the help with my truck. I also have another friend that I lost a bidding war with on eBay for one of the other trucks from JC1. His name is Tom Redeemer. He has a lot of Chevy Coe Trucks. He is restoring the truck and making it just like the one Tim has got. He was also really awesome to talk to. I would like to thank Tom as well! Well I’ve got to go for now but I will write more another time. I’m posting some pictures of me and some crowds and Spooky woods and nightmare on 901 and even some pictures of me at the Transworld show. Enjoy!

This is the most recent picture of me in full creeper suit! Halloween 2009 Spooky Woods!

Interacting with the crowds at Kersey Valley Spooky Woods in High Point N.C.

2007 Transworld Haunted Attraction Show!

Here are some pictures of me working on my 1941 Chevy Cab Over Engine, ( Jeepers Creepers Truck. What Im planning on doing is having the old truck look with a more modern chassie underneath. Hopefully I will have the Truck ready in time for the release of JC3. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


This is a picture of me in a corn field where I work at in High Point NC. Im the Creepers Cousin at Kersey Valley Spooky Woods. Its a Pretty cool pict of me with the 75 foot flame tower in the back ground.

Everyone has their hobbies mine just happens to be Getting dressed up in My Creeper Suit and scaring the heck out of all kinds of people and getting paid to do it! LOL!


  1. wow that is pretty cool you get all of those abilitys to use all of the creepers stuff

  2. Straight up awesome, and would you happen to know where i could get a horn like the one used in the movie, and the website you got the Creeper coat from?

  3. Which air horn are you going to use for your truck?

    I work for Grover Products which manufactures the Stuttertone.

    People online say that's the same horn used in the film, can you confirm this?